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Essential Role of Wine Boxes for Wine Bottles

Wine an exotic liquor that is consumed all around the world. Even in those countries where it is prohibited by various platforms. However, people do not seem to follow the rules and get them from different secret and official resources. This clear indications of the increasing demand for this particular product. With the increasing demand for wine use of wine boxes are also at its peak. Packaging boxes are considered very important entity of our life at present. From retailers to our business industries are very much aware of their usages. Because of this, wine packaging boxes are have made their place in industrial markets by storm with the increasing demand for the products on various occasions. As per their excessive use, these wholesale wine boxes are manufactured in very sensible and attractive designs to grab the attention of the clients. As every wine lover knows as what a personalized wine boxes means. These customized packaging enhances the look of the product inside it.




Branding an Efficient way of advertising & Information



All around the world different companies are making use of bottle packaging boxes to endorse their brand in the market. These boxes are widely being used at commercial scales to present their product in an efficient way. For this, they brand their Wine Packaging Boxes, which further plays a significant role as marketing medium for the company and information medium for the customers. This is the most incisive ways to interact with your target customers. You can engrave the flavor, date, weight, and details of makings about the product. On the other hand, company name or logo with contact details and address will do the work as marketing medium. The most important thing from customer’s point of view is the premium quality of the product, which is judged by the appearance and the quality of the custom boxes wholesale.




Let the Boxes directly interact with the Customers



Product like wines is extremely used in the parties. Therefore, to make them suitable for the parties personalized wine boxes are essentially performing their duties on several occasions and festivals. For occasions and events like birthdays, weddings, showers, Christmas, and other such parties, if your company have the assortment of such printed wine boxes; it will do wonders in appealing the customers towards your outlet or shop. Moreover, you can choose to add flaps, windows, handles and so on. Furthermore, there are other ways to embellish and make the wine packaging boxes interactive. For Christmas, the insertion of theme customization could be achieved through green, white color with red ribbon and bells. For birthdays, bridal and baby showers engraving of the lovely messages will show a soothing expression for loved ones. Together with the storage of exotic wine, these glittering ribbons, bows, paper flowers and messages, which shows the warmth of relations, will definitely tempt the customers. In addition, the availability of such stock of custom bottle packaging will be striking in displaying the variety of liquors in the retail shops.




Material Specifications



For the production of the wine packaging boxes, there are different materials that have their own qualities and specification for different types of packaging and purposes. For instance, most preferred materials are cardboard, kraft paper, and corrugated material.  Here is some information given about them.



Cardboard Material



Cardboard is the most preferred material for wholesale wine boxes’ manufacturing. For this, premium quality cardboard sheets are compressed together at high pressure, which provides a strong material. This compressed material provides strength to the wine boxes to protect the exquisite bottles from outer damages. In addition, the outer layer of cardboard sheet is easily given proper and smooth surface.




Kraft paper Boxes



The other material, which is suitable for custom boxes wholesale, is kraft paper material. The substantial specifications of this boxes reveal that it is both flexible and sturdy at the same time that makes it suitable for delicate and at the same time heavy product like wine bottles. Moreover, both kraft and cardboard have the ability to be molded and folded into any size and shape. Further, in both of them, insertions can be made for bottle opening equipment. Induction of windows is easily possible in both of the materials.



Corrugated Boxes



Another type is corrugated boxes. This type of manufacturing material is used for Bottle Packaging Boxes. It is the toughest material, which provides it assistance for shipping purposes around the world. The use of this particular material is an unspeakable assurance that the consignment of wine bottles will be safely delivered to the customers. It protects the bottles from jerks, unprecedented bumps, and other physical damages.



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