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Why is it Better to Have Cake Boxes from Printcosmo?



Due to changing environment, manufacturers are moving to those type of cake boxes that ensure the purity and safety of their product. Nowadays companies are seriously focusing on custom packaging boxes for special events. In the production of these boxes, material used is of good quality and especially environmentally friendly, that in return is helpful and profitable for both the product and company. While manufacturing these packaging all parameters are considered that prove fruitful for these bakery items. Now, these packaging boxes are available in different shapes, style, and even contain cut out windows to enhance the beauty of the product package inside. Well to speak of truth, cakes in the bakery have always been a delicacy to attract people; because of this, large amounts of bakery items are consumed nowadays. When it comes to their packaging, it plays an effectual role. These boxes are designed to complement your cakes packed inside with polished finishing.



Types of cake boxes



This a sweet truth that everyone is crazy about cakes and this product is the highlight of the events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and parties. Not only kids but adult and people of old age also have strong association of excitement with it. As per the increasing demand for the cakes, companies are now seriously focusing on its packaging. In this regard, they have introduced various types of cake boxes. These boxes are proved convenient to package and transport cakes easily. For instance, wedding Cake Boxes they provide convenience to carefully deliver the specially and delicately designed wedding cake. These are considered special type of boxes. Other types include cupcake boxes, personalized boxes, and cardboard cake boxes.



Further description of types



More or less there is difference among all the above-mentioned types. As the name suggest cardboard material is used in the manufacturing of the cardboard cake boxes. On the other hand, paperboards are used, which provides flexibility in folding and molding. In addition to this, personalized cake boxes have their own importance. These boxes are customized into different shapes colors and themes relating to the occasions. Naming a few, birthday cake boxes, boxes for Christmas, Halloween, weddings, kitty parties so on and so forth.  Moreover, there is variety in sizes and shapes available for cupcake boxes.  They have the capacity to package one and more than one cupcake. They can also be presented as cupcake favor boxes.



Diversity in Designs



There is a diverse range of bakery-packaging boxes. Together with cakes boxes, the available variety includes boxes for pastries, chocolates, wedding cake and macarons. To handle and package properly Cupcake Boxes are also provided with the dividers. Instead of rolling, these dividers allow products to stay at their places inside the boxes. Variation in their style and design include:



·        Standard to mini size clear plastic boxes



·        round and oval shape boxes



·        sleeve style macron boxes



·        gable style boxes



·        cake gift box with lids



·        closed boxes for cakes



·        flip top window boxes



·        boxes with see through lids



·        pastry slice boxes



·        kraft paper cake



·        clear cupcake boxes



·        wedding favor cake boxes



·        windowed wide opening boxes



The wide opening helps to maintain the integrity of frostings over cakes. The other features include die-cut windowpanes either on the top or on the front of the boxes because of which you do not have to unbox the product to see what is inside it. Moreover, because of handle facility customers do not need any shopping bags. Handles are helpful as well as they enhance the beauty of the boxes.



Necessity of Printing on Boxes



Owning and running a business requires blood and sweat of the owner. Moreover, in almost all the businesses packaging have always played an important role. There was a time when we spend a lot of time and money in thinking and manufacturing product packaging with novel ideas for different products. Now from last few decades, there are companies facilitating us by bringing new and improved ideas in the form of custom packaging boxes. Printcosmo is among those reliable companies on which you can easily rely. This company also provides high quality digital printing over cake boxes. In this process, we can give suggestions and company’s skilled engineers are also available to guide and assist you regarding designs and color scheme. These colors become the reason of attraction for the people to look at your product. Moreover, this company has CMYK [Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key], RGB and PMS [Pantone Matching System] pallets.



Printing aids in Marketing



Another reason why printing is necessary is that these printed boxes are essential in promoting your business. You can imprint these boxes as per the requirement to advertise your brand. There is a list of details that can be embossed on the packaging boxes.  These details include brand name, product serial number, quality checks, manufacturing and expiry dates, ingredients; warnings [if any] contact number and web URL, which will help the customer in remembering the brand for future. Moreover, these details are much more beneficial in highlighting your company among national and international retailers. Therefore, small and large-scale business does not matter what matter is its appropriate preparation and presentation. Therefore, your custom packaging boxes must stand out in the market. This will definitely help in making you unrivaled among others.



Impeccable glaze and other Services



Printcosmo together with high-quality printing provides best glazing that made cake boxes environment-friendly also heat and moisture resistant. They have more than one options for laminations. In accordance with the category or the demand of the valued customers, they apply these overlaying on these custom Packaging Boxes. These overlaid laminations include matte, glossy aqueous with spot UV. These coatings support the printed details. Moreover, there is a list of other feature which they offer such as free custom quote, free sampling, free die cut designs, Charges free gold and silver, no plate charges, free add-ons, free design assistance. Additionally, their fast turnaround service is also commendable.



To conclude, Printcosmo provides quality products with outstanding services. Therefore, if you want to know more or have any other queries their representatives are 24/7 available to help and guide you. So, just give them a call or leave a message on their web page.